Good news, Astro Boy superfans. We found a timepiece that would go perfectly with the super cool Redmi Note 11T Pro Astro Boy Edition. Meet The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch, a special collaborative timepiece from Undone with Tezuka Productions that marks the 70th anniversary of Astro Boy’s manga release.

The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch

Astro Boy, which is originally known as Mighty Atom (鉄腕アトム) in Japan, was created by Osamu Tezuka in 1951 and subsequently serialized in Japanese publisher Kobunsha’s Shōnen.

The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch is a timepiece inspired by vintage Astro Boy with a futuristic twist. It features Undone’s first dual-time zone function for keeping the time of two different cities.

Using an inner rotating bezel – the first for the watchmaker – the user can easily track a second time zone without the need for dual-time complications. The second can be set simply by turning the crown at the 10 o’clock position.

The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch

Aesthetically, the reference to Astro Boy is obvious. Starting with a transparent dial face overlaid with fine grid work which mimics the blueprint Astro Boy was designed on while the transparent dial face offers a peek at the watch movement, reminiscing that of the mechanical inner workings of the robot superhero.

The dial is also home to three sub-dials. One of which sports a graphic of Astro Boy’s head that partially reveals the mechanical innards. And then there are the colors. Fine red and green lines, which are the colors of the character, are set against a black DLC case. 

“In the dark, the Astro Boy’s bi-chromatic lume comes to life, with the green lume reflecting his features and the blue lume highlighting all the time-telling functions.” 

The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch

The watch further boasts a forged carbon fiber bezel which is not only light and strong but the dark fragmented texture material reflects the advanced composite material Astro Boy was made of.

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The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch can be had as we speak for US$449 from

The Undone Astro Boy Wristwatch

Images: Undone.

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