G-Shock x Transformers Back To The 80s Collection

The 80s have given birth to many icons. Among them were G-Shock and Transformers. Transformers started in 1984, a year after the G-Shock line of rugged wristwatches was introduced in 1983. Celebrating this fact, these two icons have come together – again – to bring you the G-Shock x Transformers “Back To The 80s” Collection.

G-Shock x Transformers Back To The 80s Collection

Unlike the previous collaborations, namely, G-Shock x Transformers Nemesis Prime Set and G-Shock x Transformers Optimus Prime Set, the new collaboration is not just about the noble leader of the Autobot; it now includes fan-favorite Bumblebee and Decepticon leader Megatron.

G-Shock x Transformers “Back To The 80s” Collection consists of a G-Shock GA-110OPT22-7BPFT in Optimus Prime colors of red, blue, and white, a G-Shock DW-6900BUM22-9PFT in Bumblebee iconic yellow and black colorway with a red accent, and a G-Shock DW-5600MEGA22-8PFT in Megatron’s silver and black color with red accents – all of which is a reference to the G1 Transformers.

G-Shock x Transformers GA-110OPT22-7BPFT

As always, these watches are based on existing models as indicated in their respective model names, i.e. the Optimus Prime watch is based on GA-110, the Bumblebee watch is based on DW-5600, and Megatron is based on the DW-5600.

The GA-110OPT22-7BPFT further features an Autobot logo on the dial face but oddly, the Bumblebee watch isn’t rocking a faction symbol. Meanwhile, Megatron-infused DW-5600 gets a lovely Decepticon logo that appears when the EL light is activated. On the case back of all three wristwatches is engraved the headshot of the respective characters.

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Unlike previous collaborations, this latest collab between Hasbro/Takara Tomy and Casio does not include a transformable watch holder. Instead, each watch comes with a watch case/holder inspired by the planet of Cybertron. In addition to the appropriate details that make the spherical case Cybertron, it also features three embedded mock-up watch models from the collaboration.

The Cybertron watch case comes with a stand to prevent it from drifting to another galaxy, complete with the respective faction emblem and G-Shock branding in an awesome red colorway.

The G-Shock x Transformers “Back To The 80s” Collection is available in China, priced at 1,390 yuan (or about US$206) a pop

Images: Casio China [CN].