Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray

Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray
Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray | €139.00 |

there is absolutely nothing wrong with gears in white hue but like everything else in this world, white may not be the cup of English Breakfast for everyone. just look at iPhone, still there are people going for the black model, isn’t it? speaking of which, that armadillo-style (or origami-style, if you prefer) hardshell backpack from Solid Gray we featured a couple months ago is now available in a dirt-friendlier Dark Gray hue other than the ‘usual’ white flavor. beyond the new colorway, you will still get the same sci-fi look, folding hardshell backpack made out of polypropene block copolymer and an internal lined with durable EPDM foam along with straps (also of polypropene) to protect and lock down your gadgets. other features include a dual folding lines on the back to ensure a comfy carrying experience and storage compartment for tablets and laptops up to 15.6-inch. the Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray is available now with the same sticker as its white hued sibling which is €139 a pop or about US$177, based on the current going rate. click on the above image for larger view.

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