TYLT Band Car Charger

TYLT Band Car Charger
TYLT Band Car Charger | US$39.99 | www.tylt.com

tablet and smartphone users all have one common fear and that’s the constant worry of hitting a flat battery. hence, we look towards portable batteries and lug along our charger or chargers at the same time in preparation for this inevitable outcome that usually strikes us midway through our busy day. however, if you have a car, then you can count yourself being better off than those who doesn’t have. at least you get to charge your devices in your car (we can’t help it if you have flat car battery, though) in the car park or when en route to your destination. now, about the car chargers. you do have agree with us that they are anything but stylish. lucky for us style aficionados, there is the TYLT Band Car Charger that is both functional but also one heck of a looker. main features include a two-foot, wide flexible flat ribbon cable that’s tangle-free, a choice of Apple 30-pin or micro USB connector and an additional universal USB port that offers 2.1A for charging another gadget simultaneously. available in four vibrant colors, TYLT Band Car Charger can be yours for $39.99 each.

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