Ever wonder what if Transformers’ Optimus Prime was Santa Claus? Oh, you never? Well, it’s OK that you never because there’s a collectible figure that realizes the weird curiosity of some. Folks, meet the Super7 Transformers ReAction Figure Optimus Santa.

Super7 Transformers ReAction Figure Optimus Santa

In time for the holiday season, the 3.75-inch articulated ReAction figure is the era-accurate Optimus Prime but come dressed in a red and green color scheme, wears a Santa hat, and is armed with a candy cane striped blaster accessory because Optimus Santa has the duty to protect his sleigh-load of Energon from Megatron Krampus, maybe?

Completing the packaging is the usual ReAction retro-style blister pack but with the appropriate Christmas theme graphics. If you ask me, at US$18 a pop, the Super7 Transformers ReAction Figure Optimus Santa is well suited as a stocking stuffer. OK, maybe just for a few select recipients because it can get really expensive if you were to buy a bunch.

All images courtesy of Super7.

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