MarineKart Kart 338

MarineKart Kart 338
MarineKart Kart 338 | US$tba |

on land we have go-kart to satisfy our need for speed, as for the sea, there is the MarineKart Kart 338 to fulfill the similar needs for seafaring enthusiasts. go-kart needs no introduction – everybody knows what it is but as for the MarineKart, it is sort of like the sea-going version of the go-kart. capable of loading up to 4 adults, the Kart 338 is powered by a choice of four-stroke outboard motor that yields between 6 to 12 horsepower. it is a multipurpose compact watercraft constructed from epoxid sandwich with vacuum molding technologies for high rigidity and strength but without the heft. the craft measures 3.38m by 1.36m (or 11′ x 4.5′) and weighs in at just 49 kg (108 lbs) which makes it perfectly suited as a yacht tender, or for fishing trips at your local lake. since it’s a light weight and small boat, you can transport it on your regular car’s roof rack without the need for costly and cumbersome trailer, plus it can be easily stored in your garage, saving yourself the need to pay for expensive dock fees that marine clubs levy. check out the MarineKart official website for more information or sail past the jump for a few more look.

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