Folks who grew up watching and loving Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, get ready to dust off those cassette tapes and pack your bag because, here’s a golden opportunity for you to stay at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Airbnb Stay

Will Smith, the Fresh Prince himself from 30 years ago, is hosting Airbnb at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion. At this point, there’s no need to say more. Having the opportunity to stay at the place where the magic happened, even for it is just for a night. is priceless.

Guests will be welcomed to the legendary abode by DJ Jazzy Jeff, well, virtually, that is. Guests can choose to slip on a pair of Jordans for some b-ball in the bedroom, spin some classic tunes to further the 90s nostalgia, lounging out at the poolside – all while meals are being served to the guest on silver platters.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Airbnb Stay

Also, you’d be socially distancing from others. It will be just you and your family. Speaking of which, there is actually a catch here. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Airbnb will only accept Los Angeles County residents as guests. You will required to prove L.A. County residency and the lot are from the same household.

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So, if you are residing in L.A. County and want to bathe in familiar environment of one of the most iconic sitcom from 90s, be sure to put in your booking as soon as it starts on September 29, 11:00AM PDT.

If you really want that experience, you really have to be quick when it opens up for booking because, there are only five stays available, happening on October 2, October 5, October 8, October 11 and October 14.

And the price? It will be just 30 bucks a night. For more information, check out Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Airbnb listing on

All images courtesy of Airbnb.

Hat tip: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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