Forget about driving simulators that cost hundreds of thousands. YouTuber by the handle of machkun1 has cobbled up together a $25K racing simulator that’s sure to blow the minds of driving simulator enthusiasts. What you see here is a R-craft motion simulator which comprises of a R-craft multi-axes motion simulator, SimXperience Accuforce pro (force feedback system for the steering wheel), HE pedals, and a realistic shift system that mimics an actual rally car made possible with SimworX sequential shifter and DSD handbrake type.3.

Unlike some setup which touts multiple expensive curve displays, machkun1 had the system paired to an Oculus Rift CV1 VR headset and the result is a racing simulator that is as real as it can gets. If you argue that what machkun1 did is not new, you’d be right, but you have to give it to machkun1 for the effort put into this system. Everything from the force feedback steering wheel that moves with the virtual car to the uber realistic shift system, are designed provides realism never before possible which, from the looks of it, machkun1 have achieved his goal.

Damn. I think I need one of this setup in my new home. But first, I have to save enough money for it. In mean time, both you and I can only drool over this 25 grand setup being put through the paces in a game of Dirt Rally in the embedded video below.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

YouTube via Uptrend.

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