Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Adapter

Good news, fans of Google Assistant who also commute with their own automobiles. Anker has announced the Roav Bolt, a nifty gadget that will add Google Assistant to virtually any car. The device features a dual mic array “that leverages noise-reduction technology and advanced audio algorithms to ensure the Google Assistant can hear you clearly in any driving condition.” It has both built-in Bluetooth technology and AUX input to connect to your car.

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Adapter

It is worthy to note that Anker does say that AUX input “will provide the best assistant experience, including performing Echo cancellation, so that the assistant can hear you well even when loud is playing in the car.” It plugs directly into the car’s 12V socket, AKA cigarette lighter socket (which does not have a cigarette feature in modern day cars anymore) and it has four LED lights that emits signature colors of the Google Assistant. Also onboard are a pair of USB ports that can rapidly charge your mobile devices through Anker’s proven PowerIQ technology.

It is not a standalone device, though; Anker Roav Bolt will need to ride on your Android Phone’s data connection to response and stream media, pipped through your car’s audio system. In addition to granting you voice commands to do things like get directions, send and receive messages, make calls, play your favorite tunes and whatnot, Roav Bolt also notifies of new alert or message. Last but not the least, Roav Bolt functions while the phone is locked and in the pocket.

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Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Adapter for automobile is now available at Best Buy and retails for $49.99. It will also be available at Walmart and Target soon.

Images courtesy of Roav.