CASIO G-Shock Clear Skeleton Series

Forget about rudimentary solid colored CASIO G-Shock timepieces if unusual style is what you are after because, we think translucent may very become the new black this season. We honestly do. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the idea of translucent anything is just too cool. Just like transparent phones are stupid cool (but not so much for transparent jeans).

Joining the CASIO G-Shock Clear Skeleton Series are translucent spin on the brand’s GA700 (GA700SK-1A) and DW5600 (DW5600SK-1), featuring all-clear case, translucent band and metallic gray face. The result is a pair of watch that looked straight out of an X-ray film. Well, at least that’s my at-the-glance impression.

CASIO G-Shock Clear Skeleton Series

I especially dig the square face variety (DW5600SK-1) which also features built-in EL backlight and Flash Alert good for low-light time reading. The analog-digital GA700, on the other hand, features the series large front button, 3D bold hands, Super Illuminator LED light and hand retract function on the dial. You know, the usual stuff…

Common features include 200-meter (660 feet) water resistance, shock resistance (obviously), stopwatch function, countdown timer and 12/24 hour formats. If you ask me, I’d say the translucent lineup is a tad cooler than the transparent + gold series. That’s not to mention that the translucent varieties are a lot more affordable than the transparent + gold varieties in general.

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Speaking of pricing, the CASIO G-Shock GA700SK-1A and the DW5600SK-1 will sell for $120 and $110, respectively, when they become available in May. Look out for the pair at G-Shock retailers, including Macy’s, the G-Shock Soho Store, as well as online over at

All images courtesy of CASIO.