Tote with Concealed Cooler from ALDI

Fancy having a glass or several glasses of your favorite wine discreetly while on the move? Or you simply prefer mugs over a bottle? If so, German supermarket chain ALDI in Australia might just have the perfect goods for you.

Simply called Tote with Concealed Cooler, this tote with a cheerful disposition features a removable/reusable drink pouch with dispenser for you to pack in and dispense your favorite beverage discreetly.

All you need is bring your own drinkware and you are all set. No idea what’s the capacity, but according to 7News Australia, it can hold a bottle of wine.

The drink pouch has its own compartment with its own access, isolated from the main compartment for your other belongings (like the requisite drinkware).

The fauna-themed design you see here is one of the offering. Apparently, there will be other designs when it goes on sale on the December 21.

Tote with Concealed Cooler will sell for 24.99 Australia money and it is part of ALDI Special Buys catalogue for December 18-24, 2019.

Tote with Concealed Cooler from ALDI

Images: ALDI Australia.

Source: 7News Australia.