If you haven’t heard, Parrot is not just about exquisite headphones, sound system and remote control toys. It is also into commercial applications too and the Parrot ANAFI Thermal is the company’s latest in professional drone. The Parrot ANAFI Thermal is an ultra-compact and lightweight drone outfitted with thermal imaging hardware for, well, thermal imaging of course.

Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone

It features a dual camera setup that users can easily switch between recording 4K HD video, RGB and thermal imaging view. Built on Parrot ANAFI drone platform, this thermal imaging variant features a 4K HDR-capable 21 MP Sony sensor and a FLIR radiometric thermal-imaging camera that does 160 x 120 resolution, across a temperature range of 14oF to 752oF (-10oC to 400oC).

Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone

The imaging devices are aided by a 3-axis stabilized gimbal that can tilt vertically 90 degrees upward or downward, as well as 3X digital zoom capability for scrutinizing hard-to-access areas without putting the drone at risks. The drone itself is a new iteration that’s 10g (0.35 ounces) lighter over the previous model and 2 centimeters (0.79-inch) smaller.

Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone

Parrot suggests a wide range of applications, including rescue services to environmental preservation. Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone comes with Parrot Skycontroller 3 remote control that promised reliable WiFi connection for over a mile and it is also bundled with three batteries, each lasting 26 minutes on a single charge, offering up to 78 minutes of cumulative flight time.

Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone

In other performance, Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone has a top speed of 34 mph and it is robust enough to deal with wind speeds of up to 31 mph. Unlike some professional drones out there, Parrot intended the ANAFI Thermal as a drone ready for action out-of-the-box and therefore, the package comes with everything you need to get started right away.

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Parrot ANAFI Thermal Imaging Drone is slated to enter the market starting in May 2019 for a grand sticker of $1,900. It will be available at Drone Nerds, B&H, Adorama and parrot.com.

All images courtesy of Parrot.

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