really bites, doesn’t it? we are referring to modern day utmost concern: battery life. until the groundbreaking discovery by Shin-Etsu Chemical becomes a reality, that reality will continue to cling on us like a leech stuck to our legs. so the immediate solution would be, you guessed it, sitting next to a wall outlet, or for convenience sake, a portable battery charging device like this Powerpak+ Portable Battery which has a whopping 13,500 mAh of power to offer to your mobile devices. and to sweeten the deal, it has not one but two USB power, one putting out 1A and the other 2.1A for handling both smartphones and tablets. plus, it is still slim and compact enough to slip into your back pocket, purse or carry-on, ensuring you will have access to power whenever and wherever you go.

we haven’t actually seen the physical accessory yet, but from what we gathered from the product images, the New Trent Powerpak+ Portable USB Battery looks pretty sleek too, which is an ancillary benefit. surely, you want something that would complement your pretty mobile devices, don’t you? the New Trent Powerpak+ Portable Battery (NT135T) is available now for $69.95 a pop.

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