The Ellodee looks like a smart speaker and it probably is, but it is more akin to a tablet – minus the screen. The Ellodee Sound Companion is perfect for parents who are worried about getting too much screen then they should because, it does not have a screen.

The Ellodee Sound Companion Kickstarter

It does have a small circular screen, though, but that’s for displaying track information, cover art and whatnot, but that is it.

With Ellodee, kids can enjoy podcasts, audiobooks, listen to music et cetera from its hand-curated library of 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks – all without having a screen to distract them and they can be downloaded to consume offline too.

The Ellodee Sound Companion Kickstarter

And damn, can we just say that the device looks exceptionally sleek? Designed with Fred Bould, the person who founded the design studio responsible for GoPro and Nest Thermostat, has a modern, rugged body and features a smartphone app, a crisp display and six colorful controller buttons and a rotary knob for on-device controls.

It has no screens, no cameras, no microphones, and no unpredictable algorithms which means, you kids will not be a prey of business entities. The device is suitable for kids as young as one to tweens and beyond.

The Ellodee Sound Companion Kickstarter

The Ellodee Sound Companion is on its last leg on Kickstarter (ends November 3rd, 2020) and it is well over its target fund.

For those who may been keen, Super Early Bird perks are still available and they include the device itself, charging palate and beta software access – all for a starting price of US$199. There’s a couple of caveat though. It won’t be ship until December 2021 and it only ships to the U.S.

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All images courtesy of Ellodee.

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