when we first saw Zendure A-series Ruggedized Portable Battery Charger, we thought the rugged appearance looks pretty familiar – obviously, we were wrong; the Zendure just happened to look similar to the Powerpak+, but with the added benefit of having a built that befits its rugged outlook. the enclosure is made from durable composite material sometimes used in high-end ruggedized suitcases and sports support ridges to prevent warping. a shock-resistant rubber belt comes between the front and back covers to further aid in absorbing shocks from drops and crushes. while developing the Zendure, the team has put it through a series of torture tests, including a two-hour drop tests, vibration, as well as impact and load tests. needless to say, it survives to tell the tale.

however, durability is not just skin deep for the Zendure portable battery charger – the inside is as resilient too. packed within are high-density lithium-ion batteries, managed by advanced control units made by Texas Instrument, that is said to achieve a total energy conversion rate (TECR) of 80 percent and a circuitry efficiency 5 percent higher than that of similar products. additionally, an intelligent heat management by the way of metal coating and thermal conductive silicone pads help keeps the accessory cool. it can continue to charge your mobile devices while itself is being charged and it supports charging of two device simultaneously through its two USB ports. in the event that you are using it as a standby battery, you won’t have to worry about battery charge retention cos’ Zendure is capable of maintaining up to 95 percent charge even after six months.

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available in 9,000 mAh (A3), 12,000 mAh (A4), and 15,000 mAh (A5) capacities, each having over 500 full charge-discharge cycles, through Zendure’s Kickstarter campaign page starting from $39 a pop.

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