Swann Audio Warning Security Camera

Swann Audio Warning Security Camera
Swann Audio Warning Security Camera | US$59.99 | www.swann.com

you worked hard for what you own today, so it makes perfect sense to equip your home with ample home security measures to deter the crooks from taking away your worldly possessions. typically, we would use security cameras as a deterrence but that however, only served as an evidence after the unfortunate event has happened. even if the crooks are caught, you may never recover all that have been stolen. what we need is something that don’t just passively records the nasty event as it unfolds – we need to sound off the alarm, literally, to make the potential intruders aware that they are caught in the act. this is where the Swann Audio Warning Security Camera will comes in handy. beyond its video recording capability, this motion-sensing camera will emit a loud 50dB warning message that says: “Warning. You have triggered the alarm system. Your movements are being recorded” – an important message that make sure the intruders know that their unwelcome presence is duly noted and recorded. if that isn’t enough, you can choose to have the camera’s blue and red warning lights flash to further instill the fear in the robbers. other features include night vision recording of up to 50 feet (15m), high resolution Super CMOS sensor, remote control, and ease of connection to either a TV or DVR. available now with a MSRP of $59.99.

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