SuperBase 500 Power Station Packs 518 Wh Of Electric Power In A 11-lb Package

Power outage. One of the modern people’s worst nightmare. Gas generator is the go-to choice for backup power in the past, but thanks to the advancement in battery technology, a power station like the SuperBase 500 Power Station is pretty much all you need.

This Is X6, Possibly The World’s Most Versatile USB-C PD Power Bank

As you own more and more gadgets, you find that the power bank you bought a couple of years ago quickly become obsolete. Not only that, you will find yourself owning more than one power bank, just to keep the gadgets happy and topped when on-the-go. I say, why bother? Just get yourself a Zendure …

This Is The World’s First Travel Adapter With Auto-resetting Fuse

With the proliferation gadgets, it is hard not to bring a couple of travel adapters when you travel. It has become a norm and obviously, the market is not lacking of such accessory and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid when I buying one. Just pick any right? Probably, but there’s something I have never gave …

Zendure A-series Ruggedized Portable Battery Charger

when we first saw Zendure A-series Ruggedized Portable Battery Charger, we thought the rugged appearance looks pretty familiar – obviously, we were wrong; the Zendure just happened to look similar to the Powerpak+, but with the added benefit of having a built that befits its rugged outlook.