iPad Stand by OOOMS

iPad Stand by OOOMS
iPad Stand by OOOMS | €59.00 | www.oooms.nl

unlike smartphones, the most sought after accessory for iPad (or any tablets for that matter) is probably a stand. cos’ after all the lightweight claim by makers, a tablet is still never light on the hands for too long a time. plus, most folks would prefer to have two hands to go about other stuff like cooking, embracing your love one (erhmm) et cetera. speaking of which, stand design to prop up the iPad is in abundance but if you want something with a little more style, the iPad Stand by OOOMS could be a brilliant contender. crafted from Meranti wood (classy!), it supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes with four different viewing angles (its maker said ‘3’ angles but we counted ‘4’ but hey, who’s complaining?) to suit your different need (typing, watching movies et cetera). and since it has a universal design, it could be use with other brand of tablets and even for books. didn’t we told you it is a brilliant stand? though such versatility and style doesn’t come cheap: the iPad Stand by OOOMS will set you back at €59 a pop (about US$77). hit the jump for a few larger views.

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