Apple Store Got Robbed In Front Of Customers

With the open concept and the lack of real security at Apple Stores, you knew this is coming sooner or later. We are talking about an Apple Store that recently got hitched by some very daring criminals. All it takes was 30 seconds and $27,000 worth of products were gone. The robbery happened on July 7 at the Fashion Fair Apple Store in Fresno, California.

Surveillance footage caught the robbery as it unfolds. It shows all but one thing: robbing an Apple Store was a quick and simple affair. Sometime at around 0:26 mark, the store surveillance captured four hooded robbers hurrying into the store and wasted no time picking up laptops and stuff from the display tables. By around 0:45 mark, they were out of the door. That was a lightning quick heist that lasted no more than 20 seconds. Apple just made it too easy.

Apple Store Got Robbed In Front Of Customers
The suspects just picked up the stuff like nobody’s business.

Everyone present, customers and employees alike, basically watched in bewilderment, probably couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. All but one guy watched on. A considerable size dude in white tee was seen at the door trying to stop the heist from materializing, but he was brought to the floor anyways and the four thieves made it away.

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Fresno Police Lt. Rob Beckwith described the robbery to CBS affiliate KGPE as “a sort of takeover style theft.” It was a blatant heist with no weapons involved. Apple Store has put a lot trust on people and now this happened. The trust has been broken on this day. Looks like from now on, things are going to work out differently, security wise. The police is on the hunt for the four suspect and it is offering cash reward for information regarding to the robbery.

From now on, I’d be wary about the MacBook advertised online on classified; they could be stolen goods. If you know what I mean. Those ill-gotten goods have to be sold, aren’t they? Continue reading to witness this daring heist unfold right before your eyes.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Gizmodo.