It started out with the desire to make a smartphone stand out of LEGO bricks, but then US-based Japanese Twitter user jeunetleaf (@jeunetleaf) supposed smartphone stand evolved into a minifigure-size movie theater. Originally, the intention was to create a LEGO bricks-based stand for her smartphone when watching video. While at it, jeunetleaf thought it might be fun to make the stand look like a cinema. She then started to add details like walls with wall lights, stepped staging with seats, doorways, and even a projector with a projectionist behind it.

Custom LEGO Movie Theater

The result may not be a LEGO Ideas winning custom set, but it sure looks hell lot of fun and a nice display piece to have. It makes for a good smartphone stand with purpose. Though I am sure it is practical (because you will be “seated” way behind) and also, I am not quite sure if the minifigures appreciate what was being screened. Just kidding. I have a strange thought, though: I think I would love to have a set like this. What’s your thought? Would want to share your video experience with your collection of LEGO minifigures? Let us know in the comment section below.

Custom LEGO Movie Theater

Custom LEGO Movie Theater

Images: Twitter.

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