There are many suitcase makers out there eager to make your traveling an easier one, but nothing compares to what Cowarobot has done. Really. Nothing. Why? Well, because it has developed what could be the most high tech suitcase on Earth: an autonomous suitcase. Yes. You heard that right. A self-driving suitcase! How’s that for futuristic? This suitcase, dubbed R1, will relieve you of the chore of tugging it around and effectively, make pulling or pushing suitcase a thing of the past. Equipped with a host of sensors, R1 is totally capable of NOT falling off stairs or ledges and knows to avoid obstacles as it follows you, at a briskly 4.5 miles an hour, like a faithful fido.

The robotic suitcase will maintain an arm’s length to the R1 bracelet you wear and a double tap on the bracelet will command it to make its way to you if it is placed at a distant from you. In case you strays too far away from it, it will alert you through you mobile that you have forgotten it. In case you feel like going the traditional pull-a-suitcase route, touching the handle will switch the R1 into manual mode for you to pull it along and you will want that cos’ we are sure R1 can’t keep up with you when maneuver through thick crowd of people.

Cowarobot R1 Autonomous Suitcase

On the security aspect, R1 is outfitted with a fancy locking mechanism that will automatically lock itself, so you stuff within will always be safe. The lock also boasts a TSA lock, along with a traditional combination lock, ensuring the R1 will be TSA-friendly and the lock will continue to function even if the power is out. Speaking of power, R1 is powered by a removable 96.5 Wh lithium-ion battery that also doubles as a power bank for your mobile devices. A front compartment with “one-push lid” allows quick access to retrieve the said power pack, laptop and whatever electronics to facilitate security checks, while the main compartment offers 33 liters of storage for your travel essentials.

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Cowarobot R1 Autonomous Suitcase

The R1 is designed to be a carry-on and you probably would want that to be, because you won’t want any rough handling on this baby, would you? To sum up, Cowarobot R1 Autonomous Suitcase is the craziest thing ever happen to suitcase design and if isn’t the future of travelers’ gear, we seriously don’t know what is. If you believe in Cowarobot and R1, then you may want to consider joining nearly 300 backers on Indiegogo to pre-order a unit for an early bird price of $429, or at a tad pricer $499 if you missed on being an early bird. If all goes as plan, you will probably have a suitcase following this October or November.

Cowarobot R1 Autonomous Suitcase

Images courtesy of Cowarobot.

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