KAYAK Bag Measurement Tool

One of the woes of traveling with carry-on is not knowing if your carry-on suitcase conforms to the airlines’ regulation. It wasn’t a woe if all airlines share the same standard. Unfortunately, they don’t, but with this new free tool from travel planning website KAYAK, the mystery of whether or not your luggage fits the criteria of airlines you are travel will be solved.

The Bag Measurement Tool is part of KAYAK app and it is there to help travelers to determine of their bags meet the standards for carry-on across different airlines. The app with help you calculate the size of your bag and cross check with the airlines you are taking to see if it fits the stipulated carry-on standards, and also if it will fit into the overhead bin or not. Here’s how it works:

“How does it work? To measure your luggage, open a flight search in the KAYAK app and click “new bag measurement tool.” You’ll then be prompted to scan the floor (this helps calibrate measurements) and then move your camera around the bag to capture its size. From there, KAYAK does the math for you. The tool will alert you with the bag’s exact measurements so you know whether you can bring it on a flight as a carry-on, or if it needs to be checked.”

This handy tool compares your suitcase size with all airlines’ baggage policies, so you don’t need to scratch your head over it. You don’t even need to whip our your tape measure. Now, that’s one seriously cool tool there. As of now, this feature is only updated for iOS app only.

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Source: The Red Ferret.