The video game market is certainly not lacking in simulation games – a genre of video games that we are absolutely intrigued by. Most – if not all – simulation games let you fulfill your secret desire to become someone you never became in real life, such as a pandemic doctor, a metro train operator, or a mortician.

Tape Recovery Simulator 96K Video Game

But there’s one upcoming simulation game that has an area of expertise covered that is even more obscure than a drug dealer and that is a Tape Recovery specialist. That’s right, folks. Tape Recovery Simulator is a thing, or soon to become a thing.

Developed by a Romania-based one-man team known as Caffeine Withdrawal Games, the Tape Recovery Simulator 96K, as it is aptly called, goes backs to the day where data are stored inside delicate audiotapes.

Tape Recovery Simulator 96K Video Game

With such tapes, data can degrade or be lost due to a variety of reasons, and your job as a Tape Recovery Specialist is to recover the lost data on this ancient storage media.

It is not a fun job, especially when the transfer rate is not a department where this media shines. To make the game even more fun, Caffeine Withdrawal Games has added a fellow coworker, a boss to boss you around, and the mandatory bugs that you will have to deal with because life is never smooth sailing, especially not in a two-employee company.

Tape Recovery Simulator 96K Video Game

The boss will haunt you via the good old emails – so that is something you gotta handle too.

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If the premise of the video game does not sound hilarious enough, perhaps the humor-laced company profile and game info page should put a smile on your face. Tape Recovery Simulator 96K release date has not been firmed up, but you may learn more about it HERE.

Tape Recovery Simulator 96K Video Game

Images: Caffeine Withdrawal Games.

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