Unveiled last year was the largest statue of the Evangelion Unit-01, located in Shanghai. More than a year on after it was unveiled and also bagging Guinness World Records as the largest Evangelion (yes, there is such a record!), the creator of the cult alien-fighting mecha anime, Hideaki Anno, finally made a visit to check out the towering Unit-01. Yes, apparently, it is still there. So, if you in and around Shanghai, you may want to go check it out.

Though where exactly is this thing is rather vague. Last heard, it was located at a creativity park in Jingan with an address as Jingan Yonghe Lu 398). The father of EVA did not make any comment, except for a couple of photos posted on his Twitter account. For those who are clueless, the EVA-01 Test Type statue was completed in January 2017. It features the iconic Unit-01 piloted by Shinji with the Spear of Longinus. At a ginormous 24.8 meters (81.36 feet), this statue bagged itself Guinness World Records for the largest Evangelion on January 3, 2017.

Now, that’s one record that won’t be beaten or challenge for a long time to come. I can’t imagine anyone would want to build another example, unless they have millions to spare. Not that I know how much it costs. But anyways, now you know. And yes, we are curious what the creator think of this official statue of his creation. Really no words, Hideaki Anno? Really? One think to note is, half of the height is largely contributed by the long-ass extraterrestrial artifact with god-like power which Rei, in Unit-00, threw it into the Earth orbit to destroyed an Angel looming above.

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That said, they should really make a life-size example that stands upright like the Gundam we have seen a few years ago. That will be super cool.

Oh. Oh, how about throwing in an Angel too??? That will be perfect.

Image: Hideaki Anno.

Source: Kotaku.

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