If you scuba dive, you will probably understand the pain trying to put on the flippers after you have fully geared up. I mean, slipping on the flippers isn’t that hard; it’s those gears on you that hinders the process – more so, if the boat is tiny, but not for long, cos’ an Italy startup has came up with a brilliant solution that will make donning and doffing of fins a walk in the park. Called Finclip, this solely mechanical device is designed to be retrofitted to your flippers and once fitted, all you have to do is to slip in and step down, and voila, the flipper is secured to your foot. Just think ski bindings and it will give you an idea how awesome this is.

In fact, if I am not wrong, it should be way easier to disengage too (compared to ski bindings). Finclip’s mechanism allows for quick removal of the flippers – even in the water – by a simple push of the lever. As mentioned, everything in it is mechanical; there are no electronics involved, which means easy maintenance (if any at all) and most importantly, it is universal, allowing it to be installed onto most adjustable fins and it is totally adaptable to different size feet. It may not be an electronic gadget, but Finclip is definitely another prove that we are in the future.

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Finclip Quick On and Off of Scuba Diving Fins

There’s a catch here though; it is not quite ready for your taking. Finclip creator, Paolo Piumatti, a diving center owner who is also an avid diver, needs the community support to bring Finclip to the market which he is doing so by leveraging on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. So, if you believe in Finclip, you can show your love by backing the campaign. A pledge of €43 (about US$46 based on today’s going rate) will secure you a pair if the campaign meets or surpasses its funding goal of €70k. I think the odds of it meeting the goal is looking good, considering that it is almost near the half way mark and it still has 43 days left on the calendar.

Finclip Quick On and Off of Scuba Diving Fins

Finclip Quick On and Off of Scuba Diving Fins

Images: Finclip/Paolo Piumatti.

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