Citizen Brick Custom Printed LEGO Minifigs & Bricks

Citizen Brick Custom LEGO Minifigs That Are Too Taboo For LEGO To Make

Generally speaking, LEGO are for children and hence, each set that LEGO makes have to be kids-friendly. But if you are grown-ass man who thinks you deserve more than adorable, coarse-voice Batman, then you would have already learn of Citizen Brick. If you have not heard of Citizen Brick, well, it is not too late either. But who or what the hell is Citizen Brick? Simply put, they are folks who do custom printed LEGO minifigs and bricks. Or to put it in another way, they custom print LEGO minifigs that are sometimes too taboo for LEGO to even think about.

Citizen Brick Custom Printed LEGO Minifigs & Bricks
Top: S&M Squad; Above: Party Enthusiast

One such example would be the LEGO Strip Club set. Yup. You heard that right. Strip Club. Apparently, it was a thing back in 2014 when it was sold for $275 per set. With Citizen Brick’ Strip Club Set, it kind of puts Citizen Brick as the first “LEGO” adult entertainment play set, beating the Chinese LEGO knock-off, Xingbao Building Blocks, “Whorehouse” LEGO “compatible” set.

Citizen Brick Custom Printed LEGO Minifigs & Bricks
The Strip Club (2014)

Anyways, a couple of recent “taboo” works from Citizen Brick includes S&M Squad, a fun take of S&M as Super & Might rather than sadomasochism (but really, there’s no stopping you from taking it literally) and Party Enthusiast that features an apparent drunk minifig person clad only in underwear and being doodled all over, presumably by his “friends” (more like fiends). And then there is the more “subtle” Teenage Car Thieves which are not blatantly immoral, so to speak, but it is also a theme that LEGO would never touch.

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Apart from those, there are more minifigs in themes which LEGO will not make due to rights, licensing and whatnot. One such set would be the The Eks Files, a parody minifig set of 90s popular sci-fi series, X Files (yeah, remember that?). There you have it, LEGO minifigs that you never had but should really have. So, if you ever find official LEGO minifigs and sets a tad too kiddish for your grownup taste, then may we suggest that you check out Citizen Brick.

Citizen Brick Custom Printed LEGO Minifigs & Bricks
The Exs Files

Images: Citizen Brick.

H/T: Incredible Things.