TruRest Air Travel Forward-leaning Rest Aid

How do you catch a wink when flying? Most – if not all – people will recline back the seat while some others sleep seated upright or slouch against the corner between the seat and window/wall. I don’t believe anyone would lean forward to sleep but leaning forward to rest is exactly what this contraption called TruRest let you do. Apparently, leaning forward to rest is a “natural thing” we humans do:

“We consulted with doctors, studied body and breathing mechanics, and examined research while developing TruRest’s patented ergonomic design. The natural and instinctive forward-leaning position promotes deeper, easier, and more efficient breathing by easing the workload of the chest muscles and engaging the diaphragm. This helps promote the relaxation response.”

TruRest Air Travel Forward-leaning Rest Aid

TruRest Air Travel Forward-leaning Rest Aid looks like a travel-size massage/tattoo chair but only the upper section. It lets you lean forward to sleep with your face resting on the cushion ring of sorts, you know, much like you are having a back massage or tattoo.

Here’s the thing. In order for it to work the magic, it has to secure itself to the tray table. I know right. It feels like tip-toeing on ice because the airline seat’s tray table does not feel like the strongest thing on the plane. According to Hypnap, the creator of TruRest, a typical airline tray table is fully capable of sustaining a grown person’s weight resting on it, and yes, your hands will be on it (tray table) too.

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TruRest Air Travel Forward-leaning Rest Aid

I don’t know man. Despite the rest assurance, I am still skeptical (hence the post title “That’s an idea”). Hypnap says TruRest offer supports for your full upper body – head, neck, chest, and torso.

It is adjustable to fit each individual while remaining compact and portable. So, if you are in favor of sleeping leaning forward, TruRest may have been the product you have been looking for.

You can learn more about this alternative rest method when flying over at Kickstarter where you can pledge for a product for US$145 or more. This is a crowdfunding campaign and therefore there are risks. So, do exercise your own judgment.

TruRest Air Travel Forward-leaning Rest Aid

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Images: Hypnap.