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just like the evolution of mobile phone, watches are evolving and soon, we will be able to do more with our watch then just telling time. in fact, watches that has dual or more functions aren’t new today, it ranges from USB drive watches to seemingly useless function like stopping time. personally, i have one classic Casio that has a built calculator complete with keypad which was beyond its time when it was first introduced. before the watches could do even more, we have to make do with item like the InPulse Smartwatch.

it can tethered to your BlackBerry or Android handset via its Bluetooth connectivity and is able to display text messages (as shown in the above humorous example), emails and even your call log on its 1.3-inch (98 x 128 px) screen, thus your handset can remain in your pocket or backpack while letting you stay connected. it even boost a developer SDK for you to design your very own app or conjure up your own unique clock face.

the watch is powered by a 52MHz ARM7 micro-controller with 8KB for RAM and 32KB available for apps. it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery which is good for up to 4 days and charging is via its microUSB port. the InPulse smartwatch retails for $149 and are available InPulse website.

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