cool stuff: awesome reproduction of the 1935 airship

scaled 1935 USS Macon airship 544x299px
(image credit: Cody Pickens via PopSci)

after 2.5 years, $6000 and the third attempt, retired computer engineer Jack Clemens’ scale model of the USS Macon airship finally takes to the sky. in case you missed the few words ahead – it is a scaled RC model based on the naval airship USS Macon that was lost in a bad weather back in the 35′. this faithful scaled replica measures 20-feet long (6-meter), 3.3-feet (1-meter) in diameter and has propulsion system provided by eight small model airplane propellers (with motors) which are powered by a single 2.5-ounce (71-grams) lithium-polymer battery. on a single charge, the airship gets a good 45 minutes of flight time. feeling inspired and wants to build one yourself? then you better have a garage big enough to park it. since it is a rigid hall airship and not a blimp, means you can’t deflate it for storage. oh, did i mention that within that gorgeous hull is about 150-cubic-foot worth of helium? if this isn’t awe-inspiring enough, i don’t what is.

via PopSci

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