Chinese man DIY a wearable Iron Man Mark I suit [video]

DIY Iron Man Mark I suit 544x488px
(image credit: Wang Xiaokang)

a 25-year-old employee of a telecommunication equipment company, one Wang Xiaokang created this amazingly surreal Iron Man Mark I suit. how real is it? well, catch the video after break and be your own judge. i am totally astounded by Xiaokang’s creation which he plonk down 3,000 yuan (roughly US$460) and took him three months of blood and sweat to complete. when i said ‘blood’, i literally mean ‘blood’ due to his occasional minor injuries sustained during the build process. he became a huge fan of Iron Man since the movie first grace the big screen in 2008 and through his persistent research, including watching the Iron Man movie on BluRay on daily basis and Googling his way for more information – the result is one heck of an awesome work.

DIY Iron Man Mark I suit 544x311px

DIY Iron Man Mark I suit 544x466px

DIY Iron Man Mark I suit 544x480px

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