We all know how important a website is, whether it’s for a business or just a personal website that we can use to showcase our passions and talents. They’re not only a great place to promote and disseminate information; they can also be lots of fun to build, but you’ll have to make a number of important choices if you want to create a perfect website. For example, you’ll have to decide whether to use dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting, so here are three reasons why the latter option could be ideal for you and your website.

1. It Is Less Expensive Than A Dedicated Server

Less Expensive Than A Dedicated Server
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Perhaps the main benefit of opting for VPS hosting is that it can save considerable money compared to using a dedicated server. That’s because a single machine can host many individual clients using the VPS system, which means that the cost of the hardware being used can be shared around many users instead of a single user. Of course, the cost of hosting can still vary from one hosting provider to another, so it pays to shop around for a VPS web hosting provider with a great reputation and that still offers a highly competitive price.

2. Added Flexibility

Added Flexibility
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Any good website is an organic creation that will change to meet your evolving needs, but to make the most of this, you’ll need a flexible hosting solution that can be customized too. This is another area where VPS hosting scores highly when compared to a rigid and unchanging dedicated server host. Making changes to a dedicated server can be a costly and time-consuming experience that involves adding hardware and extra modules, but a VPS server can typically be customized to meet the individual needs of a client, creating a bespoke hosting experience where the client only actually pays for the services they need and use.

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3. Expert And Helpful Support

Expert And Helpful Support
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Whatever type of host you opt for, there are sure to be moments when you need to ask them a question, but this is yet another area where VPS hosting users could have the upper hand. Because the dedicated server deals with one client only, they may have a limited customer service capability, but as VPS hosting providers serve many clients, they are much more likely to have a larger customer service department and be available to contact for longer hours. This can be an important factor to take into consideration – if your website is down or functioning incorrectly, it can impact upon your reputation or sales.

As we’ve seen, a typical VPS hosting company provides good value for money, a customizable solution, and expert support when it’s needed most. Of course, not all providers provide the same experience, so choose a name you can trust. Shared hosting is another option to consider for your website, and that can be even cheaper still, but whilst this can be a smart choice for a basic website, it may lack the power and flexibility for anything more advanced.

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