The Mug Stacker

There are many minute stuff in our lives that we managed to live with, you know, such as having too many mugs that eventually clutter up the cabinet or shelves. We can live with that, but what if you can don’t live with it? Well, if The Mug Stacker has its way, you can eventually say goodbye to cup clutter – if you have that many mugs to begin with. We would love to call it a life hack because mug clutter is indeed a problem, especially if you live with a bunch of people who each has their own mugs and these mugs comes in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes them hard to organize. Adding to the problem is the cabinet or shelving. The height is always design for something a little taller and hence, having cups in there only yield wasted space.

Anywho, The Mug Stacker is a simple contraption. A disc of sort with lips on both sides and a small v-shaped cut out. To use it, just place it over one mug and place the other mug on it in an overturned fashion, and voila! your shelf and cabinet can now hold double as many mugs without the risk of them toppling over. Simple idea but pretty ingenious in a way. And the cut out there? It is for those cups with handle protruding beyond the cup’s lip. That, is attention to detail. There’s a catch though. Each Mug Stacker cost 9 bucks, which means if you have tons of mugs, it is going to run you back heavy. Also, you will have to be careful not to pull the top mug out without lifting it up cos’ it will only snag on the lip of the Mug Stack and probably drag some cups down along the way. Just saying… Keep going for a product pitch video to see it in action.

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submitted via TIP US page.