In the last decade of this blog, we have only featured hand dryer twice. Once was a hybrid hand dryer and hairdryer and the other time was when Dyson revealed its commercial hand dryer faucet. Today marked the third time we talked about dryers in 10 years.

Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes Kickstarter

Folks, this is the Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes. Billed as the “smallest, high-speed household hand dryer,” Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes Kickstarter is, well, designed specifically for everyday homes.

I know, right? Those public hand dryers have, more often than not, left us with disgust. They never dry anything, like ever. However, Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes claims it is more “superior” over those hand dryers found in public restrooms.

Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes Kickstarter

A washable high-density filter affords it to deliver “Super Hygienic Air” while a “unique air-duct design” allows for contactless drying in just 13 seconds. The device is powered by a 70W motor that spins at 110,000 RPM, drawing up to 4.5 gallons of air per second and pushing it out at 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) of warm air.

Finally, the machine boasts self-cleaning capability – thanks to the UV lamp that sanitizes inlet of the dryer, and an IR induction sensor that is said to be ultra responsive to the presence of hands.

Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes Kickstarter

If anyone’s interested, you may learn more about the Nyuair Hand Dryer for Homes over at its Kickstarter campaign page where you may also secure a unit for US$109 or more. As always, this being a kickstarter campaign, it has its risks, so exercise your own judgement.

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