Tom, the cat from Hanna-Barbera’s Tom & Jerry cartoon series, is no stranger to being malformed. It’s kinda of his thing. And he is famous for it. Surprisingly, no one has leverage on this to create quirky products until recently. Meet the Flat Cat Rug created by Nellaf.

The rug is a, well, a flat rug that, when placed on a staircase, lets you recreate Tom flattened on a staircase as seen in one of the many episodes where he got, well, flattened.

Not every rug can “gracefully” lay flat on stairs and so, we gotten give it to Nellaf for achieving that.

It’s alright if don’t have stairs at home because, Tom will look perfectly at home flat on the floor, or whenever you fancy. And the good news is, it is a thing money can buy. The Tom & Jerry-inspired Flat Cat Rug by Rugsoda is available to buy for US$200. Not sure if Warner Bros. will be amused by this quirky rug and so if you want one, you’d better act fast.

Images: Rugsoda.

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