Chilling out at the lakeside or woods means getting together and so why should you let individual hammock separate the group? Sure. You can try finding trees that happens to be clustered close together to set up several hammocks as close as possible, but seriously, what are the odds that you will find the trees in your favor? Instead of relying on odds or hunting around for the perfectly located trees, Tree-O Frame by Treble Hammocks lets you group hang hammocks between trees in any configuration up to 30 feet (9 meters) apart.

Tree-O Frame by Treble Hammocks

Tree-O Frame is, as its name suggests, is a frame of sort that allows up to three hammocks to be setup within close proximity of each other. As demoed in the video, which you can find below, it is close enough for you and your buds to play cards and even savor hotdogs without leaving the hammock. The contraption can be easily disassembled at all connection points to allow for reconfiguring to your need, as well as distribute the weight between you and you pals. A thoughtful design, since it is obvious that not everyone weighs the same and not every trees are located the same way. Since the hammocks are closed together, getting shelter over it requires a single big tarp, which saves you time in setting up and possibly even saving your some money.

And did we mention that you can stack them too? Thus, allowing you to create a multi-tier hammock colony in the middle woods. The tier is limited only by your ability to access the higher tier hammocks, which sounds super cool cos’ you can pretend to be Avatar’s Na’vi tribe folks who sleeps in folding leaves. You can pre-order the Tree-O Frame by Treble Hammocks via Kickstarter, starting at $79. As always, the product will only be a reality if the campaign meets or exceeds its set funding goal and in this case, we are looking at $20,000.

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Tree-O Frame by Treble Hammocks

Tree-O Frame by Treble Hammocks

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