You can’t really call yourself a tech savvy, globetrotter unless you own the Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase. No. We are serious. We have seen our fair share of high-tech luggages, but this Planet Traveler’s iteration really takes the cake. Seriously, Space Case 1 feels more like a gadget first, a suitcase second. Why? For starter, it has a removable 37 Watts lithium-ion battery (airline compliant, if we might add), pushing out precious electrons out through three USB ports. Two of which are located outside for convenient on-the-go charging and one on the inside, so your gadget can be charged while stowed away. It is equipped with a Global Tracker, keeping track of your suitcase every step of the way and there is also proximity sensor with anti-theft alerts to ensure it will never stray too far from you without you knowing.

Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase

But those are just appetizers, which you probably already expect of a ‘smart luggage’. Further qualifying it as the world’s most high-tech suitcase are several other non-standard smart luggage features, including a biometric lock for unlocking with your fingerprint and wait for this… an integrated Bluetooth speaker and microphone so you can enjoy your music, aloud, wherever you go. Bluetooth speaker is not a typo btw and this speaker also serves as speakerphone for handsfree calls too. And thanks to the weight sensors built into the wheels, it is able to tell you the weight of the suitcase even without lifting the luggage. On contrary to its name, the case is not made out of space age material though. Instead, it is made of 100 percent polycarbonate, a proven material which offers flexibility and durability demanded by a suitcase, while saving on weight.

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Now, if you are ready to be called a high-tech jet setter, then we think Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase might just be right up your alley. If so, you can pre-order one for $249 from Kickstarter with delivery expected to happen in November. Scroll down for the pitch video.

Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase

Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase

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