If you ask me if I believe that Iron Man suit will ever become a reality someday, I’d say ‘no’. Knowing how flight works, that dream exoskeleton suit kind of defies logic. But anyways, I guess I will never know. God knows if someday a real life Tony Stark will actually make an arc reactor that can generate the immense power required to propel such a suit. Until then, suiting up in an Iron Man suit is a dream and will remain as a cosplayer thing, or in this instance, your iPhone 6’s thing. Meet the latest Iron Man suit for your precious iDevice, faithfully replicating Iron Man Mk XLIII’s chest armor as seen in this summer’s blockbuster, Marvel’s Avenger 2: Age of Ultron.

Iron Man MK XLIII Armor Case for iPhone 6

The case depicts intricate details of the armor in all its hand-painted metallic and high-gloss glory, and boast features like LED light up arc reactor, removable chest plate to show internal details and a top cover that flips up to reveal the camera module. The latter will keep your device’s camera lens shielded when not in use. As you might have imagined, a case like this would bulk your phone up and in this case, you are looking at a hulking 4 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 17.5 cm in length. The Iron Man MK XLIII Armor Case for iPhone 6 is a product of Taiwanese-based toy company, Beast Kingdom and is expected to be available sometime in Q4 this year. Apparently, pre-order has started and will close on June 25. As for the price, it has a MSRP of 1,990 NTW, or about US$65.

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