Bionic ears aren’t real yet, but if we don’t protect our ears, we won’t even have basic sense of hearing, let along hearing whisper made around the block. Sadly, a lot people ignore the fact that everyday noise can contribute to potential hearing loss. Modern people’s favorite activities like clubbing, DJ-ing, going to concert and even traffic noises has the potential to destroy our hearing, but it need not be the case, if you put on a pair of high-tech earplugs like the dBud.

dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs by Ear Labs

Unlike regular earplugs, dBud lets you adjust the volume to fine tune the amount of decibels you want to filter out. For example, if the environment is extremely noisy like, for example, on a dance floor, you can choose to crank it down to filter as much as 30 dB so your soundholes won’t have take the blunt of the loud sound typical of a club and of course, they best is, you won’t be cutting yourself out from the environment entirely.

dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs by Ear Labs

Each pair of this handsome earplugs boasts an advanced acoustic filter and volume slider that works to protect your ears from harmful noise while offering you a crisper, clearer listening experience. Using the integrated slider, users can set the appropriate sound level on-the-fly, adjusting the buds to cut between 15 and 30 dB, depending on the environment they are in. dBud is for everyday people. You can wear it wherever you go. It has no electronics and it certainly do not need batteries to protect your ears.

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dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs by Ear Labs

Other features up to 99.9 percent reduction of actual sound pressure, advanced acoustic filtering with minimal distortion, lightweight and comfy construction, built-in magnets to keep dBuds together when not in use, and three sizes of medical-grade silicone buds for optimal fit. Each pair of dBud comes with a carrying case for transportation and a detachable leash of fabric cord to go around your neck, so you will never loose the earplugs.

dBud was a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter and it has now moved on to Indiegogo InDemand program where you can still preorder a set destined for October 2017 delivery for $54. Check out the product pitch video below to learn more.

dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs by Ear Labs

Images courtesy of Ear Labs.

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