Standing fishing and kayak don’t mix for obvious reason, but when professional competition kayaks maker Fissot introduced the MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak last year, the game changes. For the first time, you can fish standing without worrying about unwillingly taking a dive. Balance has always been an issue with kayak if you try standing on it, but with the MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak’s ingenious design, fish standing is what you want to do – thanks to a pair of retractable stabilizers that can be deployed give the boat extra balance.

In addition, MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak comes with an integrated stand up support bar for holding onto when the need arise. And it is self-propelled too, boasting a 480W battery-powered motor that pushes a top speed of 6 mph, so you’d save yourself some energy when getting to the fishing spot. Other features include built-in “large capacity” storage, food-actuated rudder control, integrated fishing rod holders, and a user-adjustable speed controller.

Apart from the aforementioned features, little is known about this intriguing crossover kayak, but we do know are, it is from a China-based company, Shanghai Fanco Inc., and it measures a good 3,300 mm (11 feet) long, 850 mm (3 feet) wide and 420 mm (a little over a feet) tall. Aesthetically, it is not exactly pleasing though (I mean, it is ok looking), but if it works as advertised, then I guess all’s good in our books. Also, we are absolutely clueless about the price. However, it appears to be peddling it in bulk on Alibaba with what appears to be price on request pricing.

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Images: YouTube video screengrab.

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