London Electric Vehicle Company L380 MPV

The London Taxi Corporation’s taxi is as much as an icon of London as the Big Ben is to London. But we are not here today to talk about the iconic London Cab. If you don’t already know, it has changed hands and changed in name. It is now owned by Chinese automaker Geely and it has been renamed twice. First to London Taxi Company in 2013 and then to London Electric Vehicle Company or LEVC in 2017.

The name change also signals its business diversification. The former London Taxi Company (and formerly The London Taxi Corporation) now wants to do more than provide electric cars for use as a cab; it wants to sell EVs for everyday use, starting with an electric multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

The L380, as it is called, is the first of a range of new, fully electric vehicles based on Geely Holding Group’s innovative Space Oriented Architecture (SOA). It is a large MPV that promises unparalleled occupant space, with seating for six or eight, and boasts a luxurious, highly flexible cabin.

The London Electric Vehicle Company L380 MPV will be first launched in China in 2024, followed by additional markets. This is a preliminary launch and therefore, details – including technical specifications – are lacking. Expect more info to emerge next year as LEVC prepares to launch its first SOA model in 2024.

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Images: LEVC.