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Kymera Introduces New Line Of Personal Watercraft For 2020

Kymera, one of the earliest companies to introduce electric-powered bodyboard, has some new and pretty exciting products lined up, including a jet ski-like personal watercraft called K-X2, a kayak and a surf board – all electric-powered, of course. Among the three, I must say the K-X2 is the most interesting contraption. It is not quite a jet ski and yet feels like it is one. Continue reading Kymera Introduces New Line Of Personal Watercraft For 2020

Louvre Abu Dhabi Now Offers Tour Of Museum By Kayaking

How often has anyone admire the beauty of the architecture of a museum in addition to the exhibits within? I betting not many and it is going be far lesser (or at least not as close as one may have liked), if most part of the museum is surrounded by water like in the case of Louvre Abu Dhabi. But fret not, my fellow travelers, because, from last weekend onward, you will be to hop on a kayak and examine the beautiful architecture a little closer. Continue reading Louvre Abu Dhabi Now Offers Tour Of Museum By Kayaking

This Powered Kayak Has Retractable Stabilizer So You Can Fish Standing

Standing fishing and kayak don’t mix for obvious reason, but when professional competition kayaks maker Fissot introduced the MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak last year, the game changes. For the first time, you can fish standing without worrying about unwillingly taking a dive. Balance has always been an issue with kayak if you try standing on it, but with the MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak’s ingenious design, fish standing is what you want to do – thanks to a pair of retractable stabilizers that can be deployed give the boat extra balance. Continue reading This Powered Kayak Has Retractable Stabilizer So You Can Fish Standing

This Full-size Kayak Is Foldable And Weighs Less Than A Chihuahua

Imagine this: you are out exploring the great outdoor and you stumble upon a beautiful body that stands between you and the unexplored area. At this point, you probably wish you have a kayak with you. Then again, that’s just wishful thinking because if you had a kayak, you probably won’t make it this far. Life’s just so. It was never fair. It is either you have this or that, never both. Well, the good news is, that won’t be the case if you have the Justin Case Lightweight Foldable Kayak. Measuring no more than 30 x 4 x 4 inches (76.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm) and weighing no more than a Chihuahua at under 6 lbs (2.7 kg), it is probably the most portable kayak money can buy to date. Continue reading This Full-size Kayak Is Foldable And Weighs Less Than A Chihuahua

Point 65N Modular Kayaks

you don’t need a roof rack for your car to get into the sport of kayaking with the Point 65N Modular Kayaks. as the name the product name implies, these boats are of modular design which simply means each watercraft can be broken down into modules and thrown into the back of your vehicle or truck (or even a VW Beetle Cabriolet as witnessed in the photo below) for transportation. no more straining yourself to heave the bulk off the roof and it certainly makes one-man handling of the boat a much easier task. there are no tools involved – all it takes is snapping the pieces together and you are pretty much all set. with the modular design, the kayak can be transformed from a solo to tandem kayak (or even a triple for some models) by introducing additional module(s). Continue reading Point 65N Modular Kayaks

Mokai Motorized Kayak

a kayak can takes you where no motorized boat can, but a motorized boat can get you farther beyond what your physical stamina can. so what if you want to venture further than what your arms can afford you and to where no regular size boat can? the answer is in the Mokai Motorized Kayak. what this new age kayak did was to combined the form factor, albeit a reworked one, of a traditional kayak with the grunt from a four-stroke Subaru EX21 electric start engine, thus enabling you to go that extra mile and navigates through shallow waters while still leaving you with the energy to enjoy whatever you have planned at the far side. Continue reading Mokai Motorized Kayak


Bellyak | from US$699.00 | bellyak.com

dream of the adrenalin rush that comes with whitewater kayaking but wanted something that requires little training to do so or perhaps, a boat that will allow you the ease of bailing out in case the situation turns nasty? if the answer is yes, then Bellyak is your answer. as the name suggests, it is a cross between a kayak and a bodyboard, and it requires the user to lie belly down (hence, the name) and head out first. so it is clear that Bellyak is on a league of its own and clearly, it is going to redefine the meaning of excitement in whitewater sports. Continue reading Bellyak

powered kayaking now comes with spring-cushioned seat

Jetbuster Jetrider XL main image 544x408px
(image credit: Jetbuster) Jetbuster Jetrider XL | US$3,000.00 | www.jetbuster.com

kayaking has just become a less strenuous sports activity with the new Jetrider XL from Jetbuster (formerly, Surfango). the Jetrider XL is essentially a motor powered kayak which spares your arms from the strain and injects a new fun into kayaking. the monocoque lightweight hull is constructed of high impact GRP and powered by an electric start 9.5-hp 2-stroke engine with a patented jet drive system that’s capable of a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). that’s a pretty amazing speed for such a small water craft which should provide adrenalin junkies with an exhilarating experience. Continue reading powered kayaking now comes with spring-cushioned seat