Unlike certain golf bag, you cannot backpack your kayak to your favorite water spots. Oh, wait. Maybe you can with The Oru Lake. The Oru Lake is the latest origami kayak and it’s the brand’s lightest and simplest yet. It’s just 18 lbs (8 kilograms) and it can be set it up in minutes, or just a minute or two with enough practice.

The Oru Lake Foldable Kayak Kickstarter

At 42 by 10 by 18 inches (107 x 25 x 46 cm) in its kayak box form, you may not be able to backpack it but it is compact enough to tote around, check in on a plane, shove into an automobile’s trunk, and stuff into most storerooms. No garage needed. There’s certainly no need for a roof rack too.

In kayak form, it is 9 feet (274 cm) long, is 32 inches (81 cm) wide, and has a payload of up to 250 lbs (113 kilograms).

The Oru Lake Foldable Kayak Kickstarter

Made from ultra-durable Oruplast – 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene with a 10-year UV treatment that is rated for 20,000 folds, The Oru Lake is much like the expedition-grade models but has nothing you don’t need.

Also, like the rest of Oru’s boats, The Oru Lake has a translucent skin that lets you see the water ripple beneath, or if you so desire, light it up with the optional Oru LED lights and be the envy of all the fishes below. Trust me, Ariel is going to be all over you because of your ride (on water).

The Oru Lake Foldable Kayak Kickstarter

The Oru Lake is not only Oru Kayak’s lightest boat yet. It is also the shortest and most agile boat, and the most accessibly priced model yet. Speaking of which, you can get one for as low as US$499 if you make a pledge for The Oru Lake on Kickstarter. If you want one, you have to act fast cos’ the campaign will end in 8 days’ time.

The Oru Lake Foldable Kayak Kickstarter
The Oru Lake Foldable Kayak Kickstarter

Images: Oru Kayak.

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