One of the issues with golfing is that you need a car with a trunk big enough to fit a standard size golf bag. One of my previous cars, a Renault Clio from 2000, can’t without putting down the split-fold seat. But that’s a problem to brood about if you drive. If you don’t (drive), bringing a golf bag has always been a major pain.

The Back9 Golf Backpack by Side Street Golf

The clunky nature makes taking public transportation, skating, or riding a bicycle or electric scooter a daunting task without people swearing at you, or golf clubs dropping all over. This is where an ingenious golf bag called Back9 Golf Backpack by Side Street Golf aims to address.

While carrying a golf bag like a backpack isn’t all that new, Back9 Golf Backpack is literally a backpack. This means, it is carried like, well, a regular backpack, upright on your back; not with the clunky golf bag stretching across the bag (and threatening to knock everything over in your path).

With the golf bag worn upright on your back like a regular backpack, it offers you freedom of movement, including riding a bicycle or electric scooter. In transportation mode, you can choose to place the irons and wedges head down for a better CG when backpacking.

The Back9 Golf Backpack by Side Street Golf

You can also further minimize the club’s movement when on the move by strapping them down with the silicone strap system.

Like a regular backpack, Back9 Golf Backpack is built for carrying comfort which includes a wedge-shaped lumbar cushion, sternum straps, and a waist belt to hold the bag snugly to your body.

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The bag has no less than 8 pockets to accommodate all your golfing essentials, including extra golf balls, scorecards, and even a pair of golf shoes. It does also have a towel loop too. In the main compartment, it has a 4-way divider and full-length separator.

The Back9 Golf Backpack by Side Street Golf

When you are ready to play, all you need to do is flip the clubs over and you are good to go. The bag further features retractable legs and it fits perfectly onto pull carts and golf carts. Finally, it has 11 secured points of contact that allow you to carry the bag as a single strap or dual-strap with the bag across your bag.

Back9 Golf Backpack is the brainchild of Chicago-based Side Street Golf.

If you are interested, you may learn more about the Back9 Golf Backpack over at its Kickstarter campaign page where you can also secure a unit by pledging for a product for US$185 or more.

The campaign has already met its funding goal, this means you should see delivery sometime in October 2022. Should.

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All images courtesy of Side Street Golf.

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