sometimes a geek is not immediately noticeable (but most of the time, they are), and so in case you need to pronounce that fact louder, then this Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks is definitely the must-have tee. just like a geek, the tee has no-frills and just straight-to-the-point ‘i am a geek’ pronouncement right smack on the front of the t-shirt just so that everyone knows. screen printed on the Black Anvil Ultra tee is Geek Shirts‘ own definition of what a Geek is, cheekily layout out like as if it was taken out of the pages of an official dictionary and comes complete with the pronunciation transcription. it might be as plain as it can gets, but we think it is super cool. available in size ‘s’ all the way to ‘xxl’, the tee is also true to the geek’s spirit of no gender discrimination and hence, this t-shirt is totally cool with both dudes and gals. the Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks is among the first of the company’s very own design and is available now for just £18 a piece or about US$27, based on the current going rate. there are a couple of other designs too, but we think this one speaks the loudest of who you are.

Geek Definition T-Shirt by Geek Shirts For Geeks

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