universal extended battery, power bank, power juice, or whatever you call it, they all do the same thing: giving your power hungry gadgets the much need juice when they needed most. however, there’s just one problem: the more power you have, the bulkier the juice pack is going to get, but not with the Powerocks Tarot, which the Chinese firm claimed to be the world’s thinnest juice pack. measuring a mere 0.28″ thin (about 7.1 mm), this super thin juice pack is no bigger than your typical credit card and tips the scale at just 1.79 oz. or about 51 grams. despite its petite size, it still packs a 1,500 mAh capacity lithium-ion battery that could provide your smartphone, or tablet one full charge. of course, the Tarot’s capability is more than that – it can also be used to charge your other USB-powered devices such as Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, GPS devices et cetera. like other portable battery in the market, recharging the Tarot is via the micro USB with the included cable, while a USB adapter enables you to use the Tarot to juice up Apple small devices, as well as non-micro USB equipped devices. power status of the Tarot is provided by four LED lights, so that you will know at a glance how much battery power is left and be prepared to recharge it. the Powerocks Tarot available now and it be yours for $34.99 a pop. go past the jump for a few more look at the Powerocks Tarot.

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