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dream of the adrenalin rush that comes with whitewater kayaking but wanted something that requires little training to do so or perhaps, a boat that will allow you the ease of bailing out in case the situation turns nasty? if the answer is yes, then Bellyak is your answer. as the name suggests, it is a cross between a kayak and a bodyboard, and it requires the user to lie belly down (hence, the name) and head out first. so it is clear that Bellyak is on a league of its own and clearly, it is going to redefine the meaning of excitement in whitewater sports. you can’t deny that having your head first down a rushing river is something that’s going to be extra thrilling since you will be splashing head first down the river. the Bellyak is available in two models, Frequency and Play, to suit both novice and more seasoned Bellyaker. it is shape like a kayak but with a carved out body that facilitates easier bailing out in case the river threatens to swallow you and your boat whole and plus, it uses simple hand paddling, which makes it relatively simple to operate. for those who are not entirely sure if they want their head first down the rapids, the Bellyak also offers other possible riding position like proning, kneeling or sitting too. want one? then expect to shell out $699 for the Play model and $749 for the Frequency model. check out a video (and some images) of the Bellyak in action after the break.

Bellyak via Cool Things via Gizmag

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