We are seeing a trend in home security system in recent times. Home security started with reactive systems like security cameras and even pepper spray (yes, even pepper spray) as the preferred methods of monitoring your home, but obviously, waiting for burglars to pull a B&E on your beloved home isn’t the best of the ideas and hence, more proactive methods were conceived. Recently, we saw how Haven Smart Lock and Kuna can actively ward off potential criminal minds, and now, there is another and it comes in a form of a smart bulb, called BeON Burglar Deterrent Smart Light Bulb. But how a bulb is going to help keep burglars off your property? Simple. It can do so by tricking the thieves into thinking your are at home by switching on itself, or themselves, cos’ obviously, one lighted room isn’t going to be super convincing, is it?

It doesn’t light up on intervals, that would be too predictable, instead, it has this thing called “Lighting Replay” where it will learn your lighting habits and play out your habit when you’re away. In this way, whoever have the criminal intentions and have been observing your precious abode for a chance to strike will not be aware that you’re actually not home. It can also be rigged to light up in a sequence when someone activates the doorbell, which will hopefully spook the hell out of the burglar. The bulb itself has its own backup power which comes in handy in the event of a power outage. All you have to do is manually turn it on via your smartphone. It is also capable detecting sounds emitted by the smoke detector and light your way out during a fire.

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Another handy feature that everyone will appreciate is the gradual fade out when it is turned off, thus affording you the time to make your way across the room. The bulb is powered by soft white LED offering 800 lumens of brightness and unlike most smart bulbs, control is not limited to the app, it works with the good’ol switch as well. BeON is now on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 to bring the product to the market and it is offered as bundle based on the size of your home, starting with the $239 three-bulb “Bungalow” package suitable for apartment or small home. A six-bulb “Mansion” package which cost $395 caters to medium sized homes with multiple bedrooms, and finally, there is the $535 nine-bulb “Castle” package if you’ve a home of grandiose proportion. If the campaign have its way, you can expect to see your package arrive at your doorstep sometime between May and August 2015. Learn more in the video below.

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