Star Wars is one movie franchise that is no stranger to being turned into furniture. However, most of them either takes on a literal approach (think Wampa Cave coffee table) while some are geared towards mostly towards children (like the X-Wing Bookcase Bed). If you prefer a more classy and abstract approach, then Kenneth Cobonpue most definitely have you covered.

Kenneth Cobonpue Star Wars Furniture

What you see here is the brand’s Star Wars Furniture Collection that includes Imperial TIE Fighter armchairs, TIE Fighter end tables, a Darth Sidious armchair, a Darth Vader armchair, Chewbacca rocking stool, and a couple of lighting like the Jedi floor lamp and hanging Jedi lamp. The lamps are the coolest, IMHO, because, it is made up of tiny (and abstract) lightsaber-wielding Jedi. Don’t think it will be very bright, though. Still cool, nonetheless.

They are not cheap though. According to our source, the simplest of the lot, the Chewbacca rocking stool, commands $1,375 and the TIE Fighter Chairs goes for an eye-watering $2,700 each. Yes. Not even a pair. Then again, not looking childish does have a high price to pay.

Images: Kenneth Cobonpue.

Source: Geekologie.

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