We do not know the official name of this impressive kicks. We just saw it posted by DM Custom Sneakers on its Instagram and we thought we share it with you guys because, you know, it is something we don’t see everyday. We have not seen sneakers in oriental style ourselves and so, it is no surprise that we are absolutely intrigued. Little is know about this pair of kicks.

Oriental Style Custom Nike Sneakers

From the images, it is obvious that it has an oriental fabric of some sort, accented with quite a generous amount of gold, including the iconic swoosh branding. The gold extends to the eyelets and into the interior of the shoes too. We not sure if the fabric was of custom piece, but one thing for sure is, it is real fabric with images of peacock feathers, dragon, flowers, phoenix and whatnot are embroidered on it as opposed to print or embroidery on leather. And that, folks, is absolutely dope.

It looks like the shoes may yet to be completed, or has it? (No outsole yet?) Anyways, it is an interesting pair of kicks that no one would probably bear to wear it outdoors. Speaking of no one, the shoes appeared to be a custom piece for DeMarco. DM Custom Sneakers is, of course, best known in recent times as the custom kicks maker who made the custom Tesla Jordan 1 shoes for Elon Musk.

Images: Instagram (@dmcustomsneakers).

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