In between the 6,000 plus pieces LEGO 710423 Hogwarts Castle and the stunningly detailed 400,000-piece LEGO MOC Hogwarts by Alice Finch is this impressive LEGO MOC: a 75,000-ish pieces LEGO MOC Hogwarts Castle by Mathieu BL. Mathieu’s creation stands out as one that actually puts the iconic castle of the school of witchcraft and wizardry into its rightful context. Meaning, it has not just the castle like the official set or the many custom creations; it is consummated with detailed surrounding landscape – hills, cliff side, ocean and all.

LEGO MOC Hogwarts Castle by Mathieu BL

Yes. This LEGO MOC has the entire picture, so to speak. There’s even a quidditch stadium a little distance off the back of the campus and even more crazy is, there’s a tiny island in the middle a bunch of loose transparent clear and transparent-medium LEGO elements that serve to simulate the sparkling, chopping sea. Using different colors and shapes of LEGO elements, Mathieu managed to create the hills and cliffs with incredible realism.

LEGO MOC Hogwarts Castle by Mathieu BL

Mathieu’s creation may be micro scale, but the lack of details in the architecture (which is still highly recognizable and beautiful, btw) is made up by the completeness of what Hogwarts is known for: the grandeur of the location. The result is, as you can see for yourself, as breathtaking as the castle in the movie itself. All told, Mathieu devoted over 1,200 hours into designing and building this LEGO MOC that should feel right at home in any Harry Potter fan. Unfortunately, though, it is a LEGO MOC and therefore, it is not something money can buy. If we may add, this is one LEGO MOC that we have ever obliged to describe as breathtaking because, it really is.

Images: Flickr (Mathieu BL).

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Source: the brothers brick.

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